Bunker Mentality

In April of 2009 in the Republic of Moldova, a popular protest culminated in the burning of the parliament building. The protest was largely due to the illegitimacy of the ruling coalition.

Seven years later, another illegitimate ruling coalition is worried about protests.

My translation:

The Parliament building recently got a security upgrade that cost 9 million lei [455 thousand USD]. Anatolie Zoltcov couldn’t give us many details about the upgrade, mentioning that he’d have to clear any further discussion with the security services first, but did mention that deputies will be better protected now that the Parliament has had bulletproof windows installed that are capable of resisting an explosion as well as metal bars on all doors and ground floor windows.

These special security features are part of the 376 million lei [19 million dollars] spent so far on repairing the Parliament, a task which is far from finished as the legislature just voted to budget an additional 64 million lei [3.2 million USD] for more work this year.

Sounds like a fun way to go about restoring democracy ;)

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