Signifying Nothing

From here:

A Romanian government institute tasked with investigating communist-era crimes has called for two former prison chiefs to be probed on suspicion of causing the deaths of 204 political prisoners.
Institute chief Radu Preda said Marian Petrescu, 84, commander of several labor colonies and prisons from 1956 to 1966, is suspected of running an abusive regime, leading to 104 deaths. Gheorghe Bostina, 86, is suspected of causing the deaths of 100 prisoners from 1957-1960.

Hmm. Only 104 deaths in 10 years at one prison and just 100 in three? That’s nothing compared to the rate that prisoners are dying in modern day Romania.


The institute could not say where the two men were.

If you don’t laugh, you have to cry ;)

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