Private Eye, Moldova Style!

You know, sometimes you can learn a lot about a country by staying abreast of what’s going on in the news and being published on the internet. But sometimes you really need to actually live in a place before you can discover what it’s really like.

Case in point is this amazingly cool business card that I found on the street early one morning while walking the dog. As a full disclaimer, I’ve never worked with these guys and know nothing about them whatsoever. I’m just writing this story because I had no idea that private eyes even existed in Moldova.

Here’s the front of the card:


In case your Romanian is a little rusty, it says:

We investigate:

  • Family problems (infidelity)
  • Business problems
  • Searches (finding people)
  • Collecting evidence for civil cases
  • Assisting law enforcement with criminal cases

Pretty cool, eh? But to truly get an idea of why these guys are so interesting, check out their official “sait” (a transliteration of the English word “site”).


They provide professional assistance in gathering information in protecting the legitimate rights of people, including:

  • Family problems (problems with children, gambling, etc)
  • Problems in the business (market research)

Woah! I love how gambling is a “family problem”. Not to mention that problems with children can somehow be addressed by a private detective agency.

And seriously, what other detective agency in the world conducts market research? Woah!

But my favorite thing about these guys is that they also offer (click on Menu to see it) boxing training! And not just for anyone but only for members of law enforcement and employees of security and private detective agencies. Because you never know when a criminal or evildoer might suddenly show up wearing gloves and demand to settle a dispute following the Marquess of Queensberry Rules :D

And because this is Moldova and not Romania, if you click on the “Rules” section, you’ll learn that private detectives are allowed to carry guns and use them if “a group of people attack a public or private institution” OR “to signal for help”. I swear to god I am not making that up! Apparently, you are legally allowed to fire off guns in order to call for help in Moldova, which kind of makes sense considering it took dispatchers 10 minutes to answer the phone last time I called 112 (USA: 911, UK: 999).

Oh man, I love it. In the future, when my wife starts to gamble or my children misbehave and only three rounds in a boxing ring can address the problem, I’ll know who to call :P

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