Moldova’s Underground 10K Race

Ask a random person around the world to sum up Romania in one word and you’ll hear something about vampires or Dracula. But ask the same about Moldova and you’ll hear about wine, and for good reason – Moldova is a huge exporter of wine and people here are quite proud about that.

To truly understand the scale, every year the country’s largest winery, Cricova, holds a 10k race inside their enormous wine cellars:

While some participants found being 100m underground disorienting, for others the lack of fresh air was a challenge. “You could smell the wine,” one runner tells Jurnal TV. “This makes the things a little bit more complicated – it is more difficult to breathe.”

Got to love it ;)

If you’re ever visiting Chisinau, the Cricova winery is just a few kilometers outside the city. With more than 100 kilometers of underground cellars, it’s the largest winery in the entire world.

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