7 thoughts on “Volunteering With Disadvantaged Children

  1. Just curious as to why you would tag this with “idiot”? Besides ignorance of the language that is spoken in Romania, I see nothing else. They are there to help children which I think is wonderful. So your tag puzzles me.


    1. And what help exactly was she giving? Looks to me like she took a feel good vacation when she could’ve done a lot more by just donating her airfare and expenses to a charity


      1. So, you assume she’s on a “feel good vacation”. I see… Well, in her tagline on her blog it states that she is a student, so my assumption was that it was something her college offers… sure enough, and I only had to go one blog post back, she says she signed up for a volunteering project at her university… Therefore all costs are, most likely, covered by the university.

        Therefore this is not just about helping the children, this is also a learning opportunity for the students as well.

        What help exactly is she giving? I don’t know her, I don’t know what the university program is doing there, nor do I know what is going on there at all. What I do know: Universities have programs like this that not only benefit those in need, but also as a learning experience for all involved.

        That all being said… Most charities take a good 95% of money given to them and very little actually goes to the cause… Also by giving a direct helping hand instead of money… You know that what should get done, is.. Instead of money being used for purposes other than its intent…

        I never judge someone by one blog post alone… Or one comment… Before I judge anything, I make sure to have more information at hand. ^_^


      2. I’m already following her. Soon I move to Bucharest, so I try to read everything I can about my future home country.


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