Hi there!

As you can see, I have redesigned the website to make it a little more like a “magazine”. I’ll continue to write articles myself, but now you’ll begin to see a lot more links to exterior sites, blog posts, and photos about Romania and all things Romanian.

I’m pretty excited about it! I’ve tested it on both a desktop computer, as well as a mobile device, so I feel pretty confident that it looks good and works well in both formats. Don’t worry – all the articles and everything that was on the old site is still here.

From now on, you’ll see three kinds of posts on here:

  • Posts written by me (or a contributor) – These will have the word “featured” in the photo square
  • News type articles from other sources – These will be the “standard” type photo square
  • Blog posts (about Romania) from around the web – These will have a little “link” symbol, a square with an arrow in the corner. Clicking on these will go right to the article.

I’m also pretty excited to announce that I’ve finally set up my own personal website: SamCelRoman.com, which is where I have all my books, as well as blog posts, articles, and other stuff that isn’t directly related to Romania. Feel free to drop on by!

Also, as I mentioned in my Macbeth-inspired post, I’m now accepting applications for YOU to write your own posts on this blog. If you’ve got something to say, let’s hear it! If you think I’m an idiotic “liberal”, or I’m “totally wrong” about Romanian history, let’s hear it from your perspective.

As mentioned, there will start to be some posts written in Romanian (and, who knows, occasionally in other languages) on here. If you only speak English, don’t panic! The vast majority of stuff on here will continue to be in English.

Note: I’ll leave this post on the front page for a couple of weeks to give latecomers some orientation about the new changes and look for this site.

Welcome to the all-new website! So glad you could visit :)


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