Space Invaders

iwanttobelieveAs you know by now, I’m watching about 10 news channels at any given time, including five Romanian ones and about 30 minutes ago I saw Mircea Dusa, the Defense Minister, flash up on all (the Romanian) screens at the same time.

Why? First it was because he was giving an interview (including one on the street with RTV) in which he said that Romanian airspace was being violated just about every single day by “foreign” aircraft.

Where those aircraft were coming from (as in from which country) or what kind of aircraft they were, military or commercial or something else, was never identified. Then after 10 minutes of the chyrons going nuts with “our skies are being invaded daily” this idiot Dusa then goes on to clarify, “Well they’re not actually flying over Romanian airspace, just NEAR it.”

Dumbass. But it gave him a “perfect” opportunity to bring up just how goshdarn useful and necessary it is for Romania to buy a bunch of expensive second-hand American fighter jets that it doesn’t need because gosh darnit, how else will Romania be able to protect itself from unidentified aircraft that come somewhat close to the general vicinity of Romania’s borders?

4 thoughts on “Space Invaders

  1. Wait. I wonder. This sounds so much like the American military-industrial complex. Why just this week they were warning of our aging nuclear forces and the threat N. Korea poses? This tune sounds so familiar.


  2. To put it in his own terms, our defense minister is NEARLY speaking Romanian but he’s not really crossing the border into proper Romanian usage territory, hence the confusion.


  3. I’ve been waiting for the government to justify the purchase of those fighter jets. This was kind of predictable. Hopefully, sometime soon, we will get to hear even more reasons. Until then I plan on making up my own reasons. For example, fighter jets are great for crop dusting. Imagine that!


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