mailbag03Well folks I got about a million things on deck, including some very exciting (and positive) stuff, but first just wanted to share a lovely message I got the other day:

Buno Ziwa!

I just want to say thank you, I very much enjoyed your book and found it very helpful.

We will be headed to Romania in November from the US. Your book, along with a regular guide book and learn basic Romanian cd’s will come in very handy!

Your book was wonderful in the fact that it covered custom’s that we would never have known about with the “regular” guide books.

Thanks again or rather Multumesc!

Thank you!

Wow, it really and truly is great to know that all the hard work and passion that I put into all of my work (including my books) makes a positive difference in people’s lives. That’s really what makes it all worthwhile.

Over the years I’ve had opportunities to make money to do things that were soul-crushingly boring or work for corporations or government entities I felt were evil or to do things that were against my beliefs and ethics and sometimes it’s hard to say no to that kind of temptation. I always knew though that it was better to hang on and suffer in the short term if it meant that I could be myself and do what was right for me and in the long term it would work out.

Writing, in one form or another, is a big part of what I do (especially when it comes to paying the bills) and it’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s where my passion lies and it’s so, so, soooo completely awesome and amazing and wonderful to be able to do it and to have people appreciate it and enjoy it and like it.

So thanks to you, the person who wrote me the above message (as always, I never share names unless the person wants me to) and to all of you who have enjoyed and appreciate the work I put into this website and my books and everything else.

You’re all fabulous!

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