WOTD: Rămâne

the remains of the dayWith the internet being so ubiquitous and dictionaries (online and “offline” in print) so accessible, there isn’t much need for me to “teach” or translate most Romanian words here on the blog.

That being said, sometimes some words aren’t in the dictionary but nonetheless are essential components of speaking the Romanian language.

Today’s word is one such example – rămâne (ra-moon-eh), which ordinarily is a common transitive verb meaning “to remain” or sometimes “to be left (behind)”.

There are certainly several slang or colloquial phrases involving this verb but the one that will be of most interest to you in your forays in Romania is when you are shopping.

Sometimes in a shop you will ask to see a product or want to look at several different products before buying one. If you’re not interesting in making a purchase, it’s easy enough to say mersi and walk out of the store.

But if you are interested in buying something, you need to tell the clerk rămâne.

Literally this means “it remains” but what you’re actually saying is “I’ll take it” or “I’ll buy this one.” I’ve never heard anyone say something akin to the English version (aka vreau aceasta or cumpar aceasta). Romanians always just say rămâne to indicate the item they want to buy. Indeed, the clerk will often ask you rămâne? to find out if you want to buy the product in question.

Note: if there are several items that you wish to purchase, the plural rămân (literally “they remain”) is used.


7 thoughts on “WOTD: Rămâne

  1. a second is the poslibisity of implosion (really!) Heh. Yeah, I figured you’d need to babysit it during the boiling process. If I ever see another deal on one in an antique shop I may snag it just for the experience.


  2. I agree with you, Vale.Ramane is derived from Latin (remanere) and it’s an an intransitive verb used in many context. His example is not the best for this word.

    Ramai cu bine, mr. Sam :)


  3. I always say ‘Il/o iau pe asta’ which is still colloquial. ‘Il/o cumpar pe asta’ is a mouthfull, way to much work for a lazy person like myself.


    1. Can I just say exactly what a reeilf to get somebody who really knows what theyre referring to on the net. You definitely learn how to bring an problem to light and make it crucial. A lot more and far more people really should have a look at this and see why side in the story. I cant believe youre less popular because you undoubtedly hold the gift.


  4. An excellent movie staring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. Thank you for the lesson. Noroc!


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