Crazy Andy Resigns

Well according to Mediafax, Crazy Andy “Andrei” Marga has resigned from his post as head of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) due to “political” defamation.

In short, last year during the coup, the USL used an “emergency ordinance” to transfer control of the ICR away from the president and gave it to the parliament. The USL then sacked the head of the ICR, Patapievici, and replaced him with the idiotic Marga, bringing down widespread international condemnation, to no avail.

Amongst Marga’s craziest moves was to float the idea that the ICR should promote radiators (Ro: calorifere) as “great” examples of Romanian culture, saying on Realitatea TV that the radiator was “invented in Transylvania”. Marga, being a long-time professor in Cluj-Napoca, apparently couldn’t find a better example of Transylvanian ingenuity.

Of course the radiator wasn’t invented in Transylvania at all. The Ancient Romans built hypocausts over two thousand years ago and even the modern type of heating radiator was invented in Russia by a German man over 150 years ago. So where Crazy Andy came up with his idea that Romanian radiators (of which I’ve used many, and there’s nothing unique about them) have any connection to domestic culture, no one can say.

Marga also said he was resigning today because of “budget restrictions” in the last year, precisely the year when the USL (his bosses and political allies) had complete control over the ICR. Nice way to thank Ponta for the job, Andy!

Before being appointed to head the ICR, Marga served a brief stint as the Foreign Minister in 2012 for Ponta, doing absolutely nothing for Romania. Born in the Communist era (1946), Marga was a long-time member of the Communist Party and frankly he’s never evolved from that stupid old mentality, so it’s no loss for anyone that he resigned today.

Let’s all hope his resignation from the government is permanent and he spends the rest of his days pottering around his garden or something and leaves this country in younger, less crazy hands.

Madam, permit me to say that I think you're as sweet and beautiful as a Romanian radiator
Madam, permit me to say that I think you’re as sweet and beautiful as a Romanian radiator

2 thoughts on “Crazy Andy Resigns

  1. @The Man: Geee..small words for mankind but great for a man like you! If you don’t like Marga (stupid asshole), what’s the purpose of your dejection? Trolling like a champ, huh?


  2. What a stupid comment ! The owner of this page is defintely an IMBECILE ! I don’t like Marga, but these idiotic comments above are the best examples of Romanian stupidity and oligofrenia. Write on the toilet walls cretin “kingofromania” stupid cause you don’t have the level to understand anything and you are just an emotional imbecile !!!


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