Out, out damn spots!

A few friends of mine had been telling me that there were ads (UK: adverts) on my website, which confused me because every time I looked at the site I didn’t see any. I also checked from other people’s computers and still didn’t see them.

Turns out that if you’re viewing this site on a “mobile” device (phone, tablet, etc) then there are ads but not if you’re looking at it from a “regular” computer.

I have no idea how those ads got there (from Google apparently) or who the fuck is benefiting from them because it sure isn’t me. If I wanted to plaster this website with ads, I would’ve done it a long time ago but I don’t.

I’ll poke around and figure out how I can turn them off or kill them because it’s ugly and stupid for you (the reader) to see them and totally pointless for me because I’m not getting a single cent from them. So please don’t click on them.

My apologies!

3 thoughts on “Out, out damn spots!

  1. That would explain it..also, would like to confirm it’s not only on mobile, I can see it on my desktop as well. Don’t worry about the upgrade, still readable.


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