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  1. andreea says:

    Good one Sam!


  2. anonymous says:



  3. Bogdan says:

    You really don’t know why are so many Romanians named Ovidiu or Virgiliu even if they and their parents never read a line of their poetry?
    Because this names and other (Cezar, Valeriu, Octavian etc.) can not be translated in Hungarian language, and this is a form of resisting 50 years of forced Magyarization.


    1. peti says:

      is that the reason why the rest of the country too named their sons ovidiu and virgil? or i am wrong and they all read poetry.


      1. Bogdan says:

        as you well know many of the inhabitants of Transilvania moved in the other parts of Romania, taking with them their traditions; beside this is quite common in Romania to name your child born in Huși or Oltenita after their grandfather Ovidiu form Gherla.


      2. Marlla says:

        Can you put a spot on this sight so people can sign their chiderln up for sports online just in case they can’t make it to the sign ups in person?


  4. Sitara says:



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