Piki, Nebunul Oficial de Floresti

cow assSCENE: Standing on a street corner in downtown Cluj-Napoca at around 8 o’clock at night.

BUDDY #1: Oh my god, look over there. It’s Piki.
BUDDY #2: Yeah, Piki the officially crazy guy of Floresti.

Me: Why is he the officially crazy guy of Floresti?
BUDDY #1: Because everyone in that village knows that his wife is a (literal) cow. He has sex with her.

BUDDY#2: Ioi!

One thought on “Piki, Nebunul Oficial de Floresti

  1. Anybody turned him in to authorities for that ? Don’t tell me they just stood around doing nothing while he was raping a cow? Did I get this right? Is the guy mentally disturbed and ready to be put in jail for bestiality?!


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