Media Extrabbleganza

Wow! It was a busy week here in Lake Wobegon, er, I mean Cluj-Napoca, known far and wide to its inhabitants as Unicorn City.

There was a little old election in those United States of America and because everyone and their brother knows I’m an American who speaks Romanian, I spent a good deal of time talking to the media. Sad to say that I did get a call from B1TV, my absolute favorite news source, with a nice offer to do a segment for them but they “pulled a Romanian” on me and never called me back after first getting my hopes up. Hopa!

I also filmed a short segment for Realitatea (my fourth time on there) but I never saw it and if it’s on their website, I sure can’t find it. So we’ll just add it to the Lost Footage Folder that maybe one day someone will dig up when I’m Super Mega Famous instead of just Famous :P

Above is a portion of the clip where I and several other people were on Transilvania L!ve (fourth time there too btw) discussing the election results live as Romney conceded and it first became abundantly clear that Obama had been re-elected. By far and away I was the stupidest person on the set as the professors and the two hosts knew far, far, far more about American politics than I did. Whew!

In the print media, I was interviewed for a nice little piece in Adevarul by the extremely patient and charming Florina Pop, who had no idea when she called me just how crazy I really am. Thanks, Florina for putting up with me!

And the charming Diana Robu interviewed me for, my second-favorite online newspaper. As always with Romanian news sites, the shittier and more Web 1.0 it looks, the better the quality of the actual news and the shinier and more sophisticated the site is (Gandul and ProTV *coughcough*) the sillier the news is with lots more celebrity gossip bullshit.

Nothing really too new or surprising there for anyone who is a long-time reader of this website but always good to get The Message out to some new folks.

If you don’t speak Romanian, too bad so sad for you. I’m afraid you’ll just have to rely on crazy old Google Translate.


8 thoughts on “Media Extrabbleganza

  1. Contributia lui Sam la discutie : “Bla Bla Bla, nu inteleg sistemul, desi sunt american … I’m still waiting for the results”. Are you for real?! Obama won the elections when he got the 270+ electoral votes and that was right after there was a clear picture regarding OH. Kudos to the Professor!


  2. Sam, you can’t be serious! Labe 1TV, your “absolute favorite news source”? Don’t tell me, your first-favorite online newspaper must be Evenimentul Zilei… :(


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