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  1. Sitara says:

    Well, if there is something about the Olympics that I want to remember, that’s certainly NOT Maroney’s scowling face. I hope she wiped that scowl off her face while the National Anthem of Romania was playing but if she didn’t, Romanians surely won’t die from a heartbreak. “sticking out her tongue” Nor I would want to see Usain Bolt, who can succesfully prove that if you have fast feet, you may not need brains. Oscar Pistorius, on the other hand, truly incarnates the olympic spirit, in my opinion. Or that fencer woman from Korea, if I’m not mistaken, who refused to leave the arena and admit her defeat…. Sorry, today I feel like putting to shame the sourest lemon ever.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on Sam, is there one Romanian woman, no matter how sweet or light hearted, that hasn’t given you THAT face at least once?

    It’s just a different way of saying that the world and life is just perfect.


  3. eu says:

    why thank you for your timely pic reply!!! Judging by this picture your ”i’m more ROMANIAN than you” stance looks like slipping slowly downhill. I am actually wondering Sam : Why did you ”ran” from America at first?


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