More gooder in future talking

As my mother used to say, this is a case of “too little, too late”. The chronically illiterate and horrific speaker of English, Copy Paste Ponta, gave an interview with Der Spiegel the other day. The good folks at “Der Spiegel” had the kindness of upgrading his remarks into regular English:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Prime Minister, all of Europe is wondering who you are: a democrat, an authoritarian ruler or the perpetrator of a coup d’ état?

Ponta: Ever since I took to the streets when I was 17 to protest at great personal risk against the communist dictatorship, I have been a passionate democrat.

It starts off with this lie (the “great personal risk” bit) and goes downhill from there. Click on the link above if you want to read it.

What’s odd is that this is the worst kind of PR. This interview (and dozens more like it) should’ve been done back in fucking May or early June, not the tail end of July when Basescu is almost certainly going to return to office next week. It’s like someone whispered into Ponta’s air, “Hey man, go sit down with the foreign press and tell them the sweet lies that they want to hear,” only did it a month too late.

Sigh… I sometimes get frustrated with the high level of incompetence in Romania but at least this time it’s a “good” kind of incompetence, if such a thing exists :P

NOTE: Some Romanians, the arrogant bastards that they are, have openly disagreed with me about how well Ponta speaks (and more importantly, writes) English. Yes, I realize it’s not his native language. Thank you, geniuses, I only live in Romania every single day and hear Romanians speaking English.

But when I know so many hard-working Romanians who have gone to great length to master this very difficult language, it’s a fucking crime to let letters like this one get sent to the European Union about official business. This isn’t a fan letter to Donald Tusk we’re talking about. Ponta should be horsewhipped for that letter alone.

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  1. SB says:

    Rocky’s Dad…Antonescu doesn’t even speak a foreign language, not to mention he’s a repetent.
    Ponta the copy-paste is another failed foreign language user(among other “traits”).
    These ppl should not run anything(Basescu isn’t far either).
    We need educated peps in power and proven ones too, like MRU or Klaus Johannis the mayor of Sibiu.


    1. Rocky's Dad says:

      Actually, SB, I said nothing about Antonescu, but since you mentioned him, I must confess that I saw him (yesterday evening, I think) being interviewed by some foreign media and I heard him answering in some sort of English… Oh, brother, what an experience… hope I shall never go through it again.

      Why is it so difficult for these guys to learn some decent English (or any other language)? I suppose that half of the Romanian population between 15 and 35 years old are able to manage a dialogue in English better than them.

      You’re right, we do need educated people to represent us.


  2. Rocky's Dad says:

    Monika is right, Sam! Not trying to defend Mr. Copy/Paste, but have you ever listened to basescu (your current favorite, it seems) talking in Romglish? That man should be banned by law from using English in conversations (same as Iliescu, Boc and others).


  3. Monika says:

    Get yourself some PAMPERS ! “Fair-Play”, “Observer” ?? I don’t know whether you read german language, sorry, I DO…………!
    Now, something else, in the name, again, of FAIR-PLAY….could you get hold of a copy of “Adeverata fata lui Traina Basescu” and did you read it ???
    Now, listen to me, please, don’t be so ONE-sided………..BOTH sides STINK ! Let’s only hope that the toilet seats with lids for 15’000 Euro are HERMETIC because, again, SHIT STINKS and it doesn’t matter whether is from the left or the right, no ?:-)))
    See you next week if you are not triggering me before ! LOL


  4. Alexandru says:

    Ponta has the same body language of Bashar al Assad, literally lying his pants off while looking at you with cute watery puppy eyes.


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