The top end of gorgeous

I must say that here in Romania we are having one of the most beautiful summers ever. Winter here can be brutal, gray and dismal but it’s all worth it when you have these incredibly long days of clear sunny heat, hot without being overly brutal, and a refreshing breeze at night that is just on the edge of being crisp.

My friends and colleagues from central and western Europe have been telling me sad tales of a wet, gray, sometimes cold summer there. All I can say to them are the immortal words of Rod Roddy: pack a bag and come on down to Romania! :D

PS – Those horses were grazing in Floresti (near Cluj) and this isn’t some random photo off the internet or something :))

7 thoughts on “The top end of gorgeous

  1. But, but, it is! Having a driver’s lcniese and two tons of steel machinery in your hot little hands is the real mark of a True American, and as such entitles you to more rights than your lessers, those who cannot or will not avail themselves of such Freedom.


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  3. Ive trucked in and around Romania since the late 70’s and have to say there’s nowhere like it. RO and it’s people will always have a place in my heart


  4. I drove from Constansa to Bazau one day last summer. I had no time to stop and no battery in camera, so I could never show what I saw. I’ve been everywhere in the states and never saw anything like it, and it’s still burned in my brain. The fields were so densely rich with crops and wildlowers. Filled with life and bursting in colors, more intense colors than I had ever seen anywhere. I drove the whole stretch gasping in disbelief, catching myself going wow oh WOW, and shedding a few tears of pure exctasy. Thanks for the reminder Sam.


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