Ladies and Gentlemen, your new President

Stealing power was even easier than I had imagined!

Got to run to do my (paid) work so no time for a “real” post here but it looks like while the wheels are set in motion here so that in less than 24 hours, the odious Crin Antonescu is going to complete the coup d’etat and become the new President of Romania.

Meanwhile a grand total of 300 people protested in Bucharest so I’m wondering, once again, if anybody cares besides the non-Romanians. Sigh…

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  1. Monika says:

    Liked your analysis and, please, permit me to add some personal thoughts: 9/11 was the perfect target to hit a lot of countries at the same time and, think, WHO has profited ? Don’t even think of Bin Ladden ! Now, something else : The political majority of the EU Parliament belongs to the PDL family. Merkel has lost her SARKO-Buddy-Buddy and she has only Base left, of course, as an UNDERdog………anyway, as you hinted, Base is fighting for HIS survival and, like you, I wish to see him, with his “Wise Guys”, behind bars for years and years……
    Something else, I wouldn’t even dare to say that Ponta and Antonescu are “Snow-Whites” BUT, let’s be concrete……….with them, can it get WORSE ? I DO NOT THINK SO ! And, this is a statement of an OLD lady, who has been a political observer during all her life………..


  2. nttChris says:

    USA is not even a true democracy, but more an oligarchy or a police country, especially after 9.11, not to mention England is a democracy for several hundreads years, after O. Cromwell and even before him, I believe. Of course, an archaic democracy, but the parliament there had not just a decorative purpose.
    In my opinions the real true democracies in the world were ancient Greece and today there are Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark…etc.
    Regarding Antonescu, dear Sam, allow me to tell you you are wrong. He doesn’t have a “generalissimo” bone in his body, in exact opposition to Basescu who stole slowly and patiently the romanian state with all its components.
    Basescu has been doing exactly like the fat pig/pigs in “Animal Farm” by G.Orwell, starting, of course, with the enlargement of the internal security forces, faithful to him. In other words, his own “Securitate” and then, trough bribery and blackmail, he attracted to his side all the major media groups, except “Antenele”, who lied and disinformed and still do those today without shame, exactly like him.
    Basescu is the first romanian president or leader after Ceausescu who suceeded 70-75% to become a true dictator. Unfortunately, he has still some aces up his sleeve, ’cause he knows he plays his last hand, but I really hope, with the help of God, romanian people and justice will succeed to dismiss, judge and then jail him and his accolites for the damage they constantly did and still do to our country’s finances, economy, reputation…etc. And your country too, ’cause I agree you are more romanian than us all ;)


  3. Mihai C. says:

    A coup d’etat approved by a referendum? This is new concept, please explain how it works. :-)))))


  4. Sitara says:

    Maybe I’m not very knowledgeable as regards Romanian politics (and yes, I’m Romanian) but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Crin Antonescu is the new Romanian President. He may be the interim President if Traian Basescu gets suspended, as Head of the Senate, but let’s not forget that this development would be followed by a popular referendum. Anyone would get then to sanction this or not. The same thing happened in 2007 and it doesn’t seem to me that the Romanian “democracy” is now in better or worse shape due to those events.

    Ah, and one more thing about how the Romanians may perceive the interest showed by foreigners in their internal affairs. They tend to get spooked, in my opinion, and start to wonder exactly what those foreigners could want from them. Not to mention that Romania’s entire history from Decebal onwards may pop up in the Romanian collective mind. “grin” Just my own two cents. Of course, as you already know, Sam, you’re “de-al nostru”. After all, you get to live with ‘em too. International media doesn’t.


    1. Monika says:

      Dear Sitara, I fully appreciated your post and, of course, you are right in every way and especially what your comment on Antonescu as President is concerned, we will just have to wait and see what the people will decide. :-))
      Unfortunately the Int’l Press doesn’t thoroughly check on the informations and their sources and in lack of political insight ever so often create a distortioned picture of reality. Still, that’s nothing new, we all know that the whole World Press is a Curva, no ? TWINKLE
      I am a foreigner who has lived and survived here for now 17 years, have had the worst and the best parts of your country and I am still HERE ! Does that make me a “Tiny-Tiny-Sam” ? HUGE Smile


      1. Sitara says:

        Damn straight it does! “smile” At least in my book…


  5. D.A. says:

    Aren’t they just more interested in going to the beach and listening to music really loudly?


  6. Monika says:

    Now, now, now, dear Sam, usually I appreciate your views/comments on Romania but, I’m sorry to say, it seems that, what politics are concerned, you haven’t got the “whole picture”. Your Ambassador has got it after a few hours of reflection (or, maybe, he got “urechat” after his first declaration ? SMILE) and wasn’t ashamed to announce it publicly !
    Still, I agree with you on Antonescu. He might be ok for Presidency of Senat but I wouldn’t wish him to become President, Yucky.
    A very personal remark : It really NERVES me when I hear that the US are “the oldest democracy in the world” ! Just for info : Ancient Greece was the first known Democracy, then, Switzerland and, finally,………the USA ! HUGE GRIN
    Wish you a very good day and keep up with your very good, usefull and interesting blog:-))))


  7. jackinthebox says:

    Wow, I’m very surprised there are still 300 people gullible enough to believe the nonsense spewed by the PDL…


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