Ce valoare are viață în România?

A life is worth 28 bucks in Romania

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  1. Andreea says:

    Sorry about this little Romanian lesson, but maybe it helps a bit :)

    viață is a noun which means life
    viața is the noun “viață” + the definite article “a” (singular feminine form) -> the life

    I guess in English its OK to say “Now you know the value of life in Romania”, but in Romanian it sounds really weird not using the definite article.

    Since you know Spanish (I think) it’s better to try and translate from SP to RO, rather than from EN to RO, because Spanish is related to Romanian. Like, in this instance you would use “la vida” and not just “vida”.


  2. eu says:

    we ll help you sam… nu te supara cand cineva te corecteaza… nu exista limba mai frumoasa ca a noastra in lume si daca o inveti bine , vei vedea viata ca noi!
    crezi ca stii originea limbii romane? nu cred ca cineva stie cu adevarat. o opinie ar fii foarte interesanta.


  3. Tudor says:

    (NitPick): “viaţa”, not “viaţă”. That’s like saying “Now you know exactly how much the life is worth in Romania” vs. “Now you know exactly how much life is worth in Romania”


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