Skeletor Gets Pinched

Oh shit:

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has been accused of copying large sections of his 2003 PhD thesis in law from previous publications, without proper reference.

Nature has seen documents compiled by an anonymous whistle-blower indicating that more than half of Ponta’s 432-page, Romanian-language thesis on the functioning of the International Criminal Court consists of duplicated text. Moreover, the thesis was republished with very minor amendments as a Romanian-language book in 2004, and also forms the basis of a 2010 book on liability in international humanitarian law.

Substantial sections of text in all three publications seem to be identical, or almost so, to material in monographs written in Romanian by law scholars Dumitru Diaconu and Vasile Creţu. They also feature direct Romanian translations of parts of an English-language publication by law scholar Ion Diaconu.

Romanian language article on the same subject here.

Jeez, I wonder who is going to go represent Romania at the European Council meeting on June 28 now? *mwahahaha*

UPDATE: You know, Basescu broke his silence for the first time last week and kept mocking Ponta by calling him “doctor”, ridiculing his degree (the one he “earned” with this plagiarized text). I just wonder… oh yes I do wonder, if it wasn’t one of Basescu’s people who whispered a word into Nature‘s ear.

As Coolio once said:

If you can’t stand the heat, get your ass out the kitchen!


6 thoughts on “Skeletor Gets Pinched

  1. I would loooooooove to see the PhD thesis of Boc for example. Or of ”Mr. Genius” aka MRU. Or Udrea, Videanu etc. If they managed to do that in their glorious careers. I don’t give a rat’s ass on politicians in this country. None deserves that. But it’s getting rather pathetic and desperate for the PDL smart boys to yell ”plagiarism” all around.


    1. Probably many (if not all) of the names you’ve mentioned have their own moral or legal problems just waiting to be publicly exposed with documents. I’m really looking forward to a time when many of our politicians will spend quality time behind bars. However the fact others are rotten doesn’t change what Ponta did, if he did it. If he is proven to have plagiarized, no one could argue that Boc, Udrea or even Băsescu himself have forced him to commit an act which is essentially a form of intellectual theft. He did by his own accord and should pay for it. Just like everyone else should.

      I’m really getting tired of this same old rhetoric were people are defended for their “shortcomings” by pointing the finger in the other direction and saying how much dirtier those other folks are.


  2. Cred ca subestimam grosimea obrazului lui Ponta. Cine are tupeul sa copieze cam jumatate din lucrarea de doctorat, nu se va rusina de parerea unor straini… unde mai pui ca Ponta pare sa se fi pregatit din timp de acest scandal, a schimbat toti membrii comisiei care ar fi trebuit sa investigheze cazurile de plagiat!

    Bineinteles, in afara de online, televiziunile de stiri par sa puna batista pe tambal, iar daca faima lui Skeletor nu ajunge la electoral, e ca si cum nici nu s-a intamplat. :(


  3. Ponta also made a fool of himself in front of the entire world now, after insulting Nature. I don’t see how he can get out of this one. When a prestigious magazine like Nature investigated your plagiarism and you are like “Who the fuuuu is Nature? Never heard of them. I home I didnt’t affect the environment too much.”

    Our own Council of Ethics meant to strike down people who are accused of plagiarism has been sacked and changed with PSD members. First thing they did? Delay Mang’s trial, although the file with the evidence was ready way before the hearing. Now they will just try to find a loophole that might get Ponta out of this, but now, the Whole Academic World knows about his plagiarism. He can’t be trusted as a political and juridical person anymore. Also, if the Council of Ethics finds him innocent but after more investigations by Nature and others it is clearly proven his guilt, our country will have a lot to suffer. It is like: “We have evidence he is a thief. His own people tell us he isn’t despite our evidence. Means justice in that country is just bollocks! Can’t trust education system there, can’t trust justice there, why are we still doing trade with them?!”


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