The other day I came across a Romanian news article with the acronym “ș.a.m.d” tacked onto the end of a sentence and it made me laugh. Lately I’ve been hearing from a few people who (unbelievably!) are actually trying to learn Romanian so I thought I’d add this one to the repertoire in case you find this little phrase and wonder what it means.

Simply put it stands for și așa mai departe, literally “and thusly more beyond” but the actual translation into regular English being “and so on and so forth”.

Until I started watching those Romanian news shows where people sit around and yak about politics and what’s going on in the world, I had no idea how frequently this phrase is uttered. In fact, I invented a drinking game around it despite the fact that I really don’t drink anymore.

Even if you don’t speak a word of Romanian, tune into B1TV or OTV or any news chat show and take one shot any time someone says și așa mai departe and in 30 minutes you’ll be plastered. I guarantee it :P

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  1. Suzana says:

    What do you mean by “I don’t drink anymore”? Do you mean that I couldn’t allure you with some tzuica?


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