Awesome News!

Wow! Okay well as you know I’ve been extremely busy this past week setting up The Romania Show. I promised not to mix too much TRS business here with this blog but I do want to announce we are all set for the first live broadcast later today at 7pm Romania time. Drop on by and check it out!

However… this post is all about some other exciting news – yes! The 2012 version of my book is now out. I realize we’re about halfway through 2012 but hey, as always, I’ve been quite busy. It’s not tremendously different from the 2011 version but a lot of the information has been updated, including the change in CFR trains, the prices and methods of traveling on RATB (public transportation) in Bucharest and a few other things, including a more detailed section on riding and negotiating the system of inter-city buses.

One of the absolutely coolest things however is that now I am quite excited to announce that these books are now available for sale not only in the United States (as was the case last year) but also in Germany, France, Britain and Spain! Whooo!

Amazon USA link
Amazon UK link
Amazon Germany link
Amazon Spain link
Amazon France link

Note: All of the above links are for the paperback version, as in paper and ink. All of these versions are identical (and in the English language!), only where the book is printed and the shipping costs is different, e.g. the books sold from Amazon UK are printed and shipped domestically for British customers (and priced in GBP).

I am now in the process of converting the book into all of the digital formats, including B&N Nook, Kindle and plain vanilla PDF. Be patient as these should be available next week.

ALL OF THE RELEVANT INFORMATION ABOUT BOOKS can always be found by clicking on the permanent link in the right-hand side bar (the blue button that says “The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania”).

But hey, what about Romania? Well, I have to laugh a bit because if you’ve been with me since 2010 you know I’ve struggled mightily to find a publisher (Rom: editura) here in this country. I hate to jinx anything by speaking about it too soon but someone is actually waiting for me to call them and sign some papers so I’m really praying this works out and I can announce really soon that FINALLY my book is on sale here in Romania.

In the meantime, I still have a few copies of the 2011 version left on hand. If you’d like one (at a reduced price) please feel free to contact my colleague Iuliana.

I do want to say that since I launched The Complete Insider’s Guide in December of 2010, it’s been one amazing ride. I’ve met dozens of people who bought and read the book and heard from dozens more via their kind messages, emails, tweets, etc. Wow! I had no idea anyone besides my family would ever buy a copy and it really is amazing to me just how well-received my book was by all of you. I still never get tired of seeing someone pick up my book and begin reading it and laugh and start to point out a passage to me as if I weren’t the one who wrote it! :PP That really does warm my heart.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR KIND SUPPORT! And my gosh, stay tuned for even more cool and amazing things to come because you just know I never stop :)

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