What is writing?

One day
I found my old bicycle, hidden away
in the garage
where it had lain for many a year

I rode it down to the canal
and amidst the quiet waters
and summer breeze
I found a delicious spot to take a nap

I was only half awake when I suddenly espied
a gorgeously colorful boat
being energetically rowed past me on the bank
although it was nearly silent and at first
I thought I might be dreaming

The bright colors astounded me
and the athletic grace of its captain
made me fumble for my old camera
but by the time I pressed the button it was too late

Squealing and protesting
I pushed my old bicycle to its top speed
cutting through brambles on the overgrown trail
as I attempted to catch up with it

Time and time again, it eluded me
Either I was too slow
or my bicycle could not carry me
or my hands were shaking
and all the photographs I took
ended up blurry and out of focus

And yet those brief, fleeting images
are the only tangible things I have
to show you
the beautiful thing
I once saw

2 thoughts on “What is writing?

  1. We love her, and will only say fantastic thngis! I’ve never had to work so closely with another teacher before, and she has been so helpful to me. I love that she takes ideas I offer and run with them, and that she offers ideas right back!


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