It Rhymes With Forint

Well I’m having a devil of a time finding a place to host my little compendium of TV clips that show Romanians. YouTube is insistent on blocking 90% of what I’m doing due to so-called “copyright violations” (to me a short clip with attribution is hardly stealing, not to mention I’m not trying to sell or profit off of this in any way) and Trilulilu, God bless ’em (they are literally right up the street) has weekly upload limits.

Well after much trial and tribulation, I finally decided to go Full Pirate (how’s that for a sad commentary on the way things are?) and if you know and understand a technology that rhymes with forint then this is the place for you. These seem to be working for now.

Once I get the whole series finished I’ll cut ’em nicer and put them in something like one big “forint” with all the same size and format and then you can enjoy them at your leisure or use them for research so you can write that big academic paper you know you’ve always wanted to write :PPP



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  1. Andrea says:

    ok, I have the VLC media player…now what? the play now button takes me to download ilivid. I don’t like being a newbie


  2. whitemountain2008 says:

    Nice blog on Romania & good that you put the effort in to collate so many positive or interesting snippets. I have the same issue with YT sometimes when uploading videos of work done in, for example, furnishing apartments in romania. I then spend 4 frustrating weeks getting the block removed.


  3. Dan says:

    funny people you have in USA when they speak about another countries,especially at Hollywood,with huge mistakes in their movies.


  4. Sam R. says:

    you’re overthinking it – just download a program called VLC. It is legally free, it doesn’t need codecs and all this other stuff and it works on every kind of computer.


  5. eu says:

    i downloaded it but i dont know where is it part 5 and 6 under what name. i have an imac like yours installed the codec but what next???


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