How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down?

Well after yesterday‘s foray into the Wonderful Wide World of Statistics, I thought I’d head on over to Romania’s national statistics website (INS) and have a look around.

A lot of times Romanians don’t believe me when I tell them how many tourists visit this country. Therefore below is a graphic taken from a bilingual 2011 report (monster PDF) on the state of tourism in Romania.

As you can see, total numbers have been falling (at least for the years in this chart) but nonetheless at least 7.5 million foreign tourists visited Romania. Considering that Romania has less than 20 million residents, that’s about 1 tourist for every 3 Romanians. Hopa!

In case you were wondering, it looks like the most tourists come from Germany with Italy a close second and France in third. Dat e molto tres bien gut! :)

BTW that little “1” in the graphic indicates that people who walked over the border are included in that statistic.


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