In Search Of… Dracula

Excuse the slowdown in blogging as I’ve been busy as heck. But I did find a priceless jewel on the internet that I think you might enjoy.

Back in the late 1970’s, the actor Leonard Nimoy (famous for being Mr. Spock on Star Trek) narrated a show called “In Search Of…” where each week they focused on something mysterious or supernatural in a kind of hyperbolic documentary style.

On June 8, 1977 they did an entire episode on Dracula and Vlad Tepes. Even though you probably know most of the story it’s kind of cool to see some old footage of Romania and Romanians, especially remembering that this was right in the heart of the Communist era. In fact, you’ll see a guy named Nicolae Paduraru, the ancestor of Elena Udrea, do his bit to spin the tale for the American camera crew. Fascinating stuff!

Part 2 is here and Part 3 is here.

BTW the mountain they’re calling “Keflau” in the show is Ceahlau, admittedly a difficult name to pronounce for English speakers ;)

6 thoughts on “In Search Of… Dracula

  1. “Once upon a time was a land,called Romania, a land of myths and legends… with a lot of stories from the past,a land of vampires who lives in the most dark forests from the old mountains of Charpatians…”
    That i want to start my fairy tale! :) i like to scare foreigners :))
    boo hoo hoo !! :)
    In reality,in the present ,Romania is a land where almost european money from E.U (give for Romania to rebuild the country) disapper by magic in pockets of our dignitaries :D
    this is the true story which i want to be told to foreign tourists.


    1. Corrected – thanks! I was actually thinking about this while walking in town because I realized Paduraru means “Forester” while Spock’s costar on Star Trek, the doctor (McCoy) was played by an actor named DeForest Kelley.


      1. It’s interesting how you made this connection. I tell you, all these little details make a story great! Once again, thank you for this fascinating find!


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