We No Speak Romaniano

You know even though I love to joke about it, learning the Romanian language was (and still is sometimes) a very difficult and arduous process. I’ve made every mistake there is and been laughed at plenty. Heck I still sometimes get messages from people telling me I can’t speak it.

Still though, about one thing that never fails to cheer me up is listening to other foreigners speak it. Today I turned on B1TV and nearly fell out of my chair laughing as I listened to “Princess” Lia trying to speak Romanian. In case you’ve never heard of her, she’s married to this guy although I was much more familiar with her last husband.

I realize she is of Romanian “heritage” but not only was she butchering the pronunciation but she was also messing up the genders and adjective matching (in number and gender). Too hilarious. I definitely have to add her to the list of people I speak Romanian better than, a list that includes Marko Bela and Robin Barnett. Gosh that guy cracks me up but I do respect him for at least trying to speak it, unlike the so-called “Romanian” Mark Gitenstein who is the current American ambassador to this country. That asshole doesn’t speak two words of Romanian even though he loves to tout his Romanian “heritage”.

To be completely honest, I’ve now met a lot of “foreigners” who have learned Romanian to some degree and literally the only ones I’ve ever seen master it extremely well were “people of color” or those with brown skins from non-European countries. There just seems to be something about speaking English (or German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian or French) as a first language which makes properly speaking Romanian nearly impossible. Too funny.



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  1. TNH says:

    I think it’s because of the vowels. In Romanian and in some other languages, the way you read a vowel is the same every time so it’s easier to pronounce an open A if you are Arabic.


  2. Sam R. says:

    yah its weird but literally the best Romanian speakers I know are all native (first) speakers of Arabic. I did meet a couple of Chinese guys who did a passable job, which I respect enormously but really the Arabs do it best for some reason.

    Strangely I’d say #2 in doing a good job are Germans, as in German all their life not Romanian Saxon types.


    1. Murat says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    it’s easier to learn Romanian if your native language is similar to it (Italian, French), but because of the similarities you always tend to be influenced by your native’s language pronunciation. if your language is complete different (say Arabic), it’s harder to learn Romanian, but because lacking similarities, you end up with a better pronunciation.


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