Raise High the Roofbeam

Yesterday I nearly fell out of my chair as I saw this evil man speaking with great pomp and dignity from the floor of the Romanian parliament.

My name is Legion, for we are many

This obese piece of shit, who can’t even control his own personal gluttony, had come to praise Romania for raising taxes and lowering salaries and warn against anyone doing anything but exactly what the IMF tells them to do.

I watched those fat piggy eyes as this man barely could speak coherently in English. He had prepared no speech in Romanian and spoke so fast and so full of euphemisms that the translator on Realitatea could only half keep up. After he was done, all the commentators and “experts” fell over themselves to interpret their master’s words.

But of course Franks isn’t really much more than a glorified delivery boy, here to stuff his face with flesh and make the locals sing and dance (literally) for him. Franks’ partying and speech don’t need interpreted or analyzed by experts – all you need to know is that he represents some very powerful men with one message to Romania.

You owe us multiple billions of Euros and so when we tell you to jump, you better jump, because we own you now.

Much more on this and other things here shortly…