Wow, it sure has been while since I’ve done one of these. Let’s see what we got in ye olde mailbag. As always, names are omitted out of respect for people’s privacy.

You should get your facts about ” Cronica Carcotasilor” Before you decide to write insulting and false information. Cronica Carcotasilor does not profit from poor people and as you state “filmed moments after a disaster or calamity had struck”. What you need to understand is that Cronica Carcotasilor does not intend to profit off of other people’s misfortunes.

I can only assume if one person has the courage to write me then 50 other people secretly believe the same thing. Therefore let’s go over this once more.

Cronica Carcotasilor (henceforth referred to as CC) is shown on Prima channel, which last I looked has advertising sponsors and the show is broadcast to make fucking money. Let’s not even quibble with this. Whatever they are doing, they are making a profit.

Secondly, most of the entire show revolves around other people’s misfortunes, for the sake of their “comedy”. I’ll delve into this further below but let’s get it straight – they make a profit and it most certainly comes (largely) from other people’s misfortunes.

The show only points out the mistakes made by people who should not make mistakes. TV personalities and politicians who should not behave the way they behave. Please re-analyze your approach to understanding Cronica Carcotasilor. As a Romanian and as a consumer of Cronica Carcotasilor product i feel very offended by the undocumented and bias comments that you made on your blog.

I have a long standing grudge against CC, for reasons stated before. However I shall enumerate them below.

  1. It’s not even funny – The first rule of comedy is to make people laugh. Obviously this is subjective but I find the show tiresome, mean spirited and completely the opposite of funny.
  2. It’s not even original – The show is clearly a ripoff of an Italian show, Striscia La Notizia. It has two sarcastic, wise-quipping hosts sitting behind a desk, it pokes fun at people and it has two scantily clad women dancing during interim segments (veline in the Italian version, bebeluse in the Romanian). Get an original idea, morons!
  3. Ridiculing the powerless – Certainly lampooning politicians is part of CC (again copied from Strisca La Notizia), I admit that. But a large part of CC is ridiculing people to the nth degree for tiny mistakes, oftentimes the powerless, and it’s done in a mean spirited way. Ridiculing a supermodel or some boxers (or heaven forfend, some shell-shocked peasant) is relatively easy. Let’s see the gutless bastards of CC take on Mugur Isarescu or Patriarch Daniel (head of the Romanian Orthodox Church) even once!
  4. Assholes even when not on the air – If being this way is just your “job” and part of what makes the show “funny” then okay. But as I’ve documented before, Serban “Killer Swerve” Huidu was a mean-spirited jerk even on his personal blog. His rant against a policeman who gave him a traffic ticket a few years ago is “delightful” reading, let me tell you .

Just for shits and giggles, I decided to go onto YouTube and pick two episodes at random, one of CC and one of Striscia La Notizia, just to see the differences. Obviously the formats are identical since CC is just a copy of SLN. However, the content is illustrative in the differences. For the record, I found this clip of CC and this clip of SLN.

CC – They progressively ridicule two women and one guy. I really don’t watch TV so I don’t quite know who these people are but one woman appears to be a model of some sort, one is a talk show hostess and the guy is a boxer. The CC team “hilariously” mock these people, two of which are paid to be good looking (and not much else) and one who is repeatedly punched in the fucking head. Again, if mocking people like that is what tickles your sense of humor then so be it, but a four and a half minute belittling session seems a little excessive for what are, after all, minor verbal transgressions.

SLN – Ezio Greggio, who is not only a professional comedian but originally came up with the idea of SLN in the first place (and has therefore shown he has, you know, an original thought in his head) is shown on the clip making fun of the Pope. In Italy. Now that takes some guts. Mocking a supermodel for being less than fluent is rather easy pickings compared to goofing on the flipping Pope in Italy on national TV. Oh yeah, plus the segment is actually funny.

I find CC trite and completely unfunny, it’s unoriginal and the “Rusinica” sequence (roughly “shame on you”) is just mean. Obviously some people find this funny and thus the popularity of the show. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. But CC freaking sucks and it’s no insult to Romanian culture to point out just what a steaming pile of crap this show is. When they get the guts to mock Patriarch Daniel, or tell a joke that’s actually funny, I might change my mind. Until then, I apologize for nothing :)

Thanks for writing!

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