BBC Dacia

After a long day of work, I was half watching a BBC documentary when suddenly this image swam across the retinas of my bleary eyes and I leapt to the pause button to take the following screen cap:

Bible Dacia francesca Stavrakopoulou ugly green dress

It’s taken from a 2011 documentary series called Bible’s Buried Secrets, which alas is missing the “The” in front of the title (due to the existence of a 2008 NOVA/PBS documentary with that name) and all the “secrets” which are “buried” under discussion in the documentary refer only to rather mundane exegesis. I guess “buried secrets” sounds sexier than “a different interpretation of some writing” eh? :P

The woman in the image above is Francesca Stavrakopoulou, the host of the documentary and an advocate for all of the “secrets” in the documentary and she is riding inside of a taxi in what I believe is Syria (on her way to Ain Dara). It’s a little hard to be certain that she’s in Syria in that exact shot because the clip comes from the B-roll at the beginning of the episode (part 3 – the “Real Garden of Eden”) and she also visits Spain and Israel as well.

Still though, kind of cool to see a brief “shout out” to a Romanian car in a BBC documentary wherever the intrepid Doctor Stavrakopoulou is actually riding in it.

Sadly, the documentary itself isn’t that good. I’m not really sure why I watch these things except that I keep hoping that somewhere along the way I’ll hear about something new. Certainly if you’re religious in any way then don’t watch it as it will just upset you. Doctor Stavrakopoulou isn’t one of those people who say “maybe” but instead is quite assertive about her theories, widely accepted or not.

I’ve lived in Israel and exegesis is one of my favorite “hobbies” so I’m tempted to write an incredibly long post on the subject but I am going to resist doing so :) I’ll just end this by noting that either the BBC producer or Doctor Stavrakopoulou herself made a weird choice to film all three parts with the star wearing the exact same hideous green dress in nearly every shot (sometimes she has a red one that’s otherwise identical). Why? Why? Why, why, why, why? It’s a very strange visual choice.

Ah well, it’s not for me to understand. If you want to see a one millisecond clip of the inside of a Dacia taxi, click on the link above. Sadly, you can’t watch the documentary legally from Romania on the BBC site but someone has uploaded them to YouTube, where they exist for now.