FAQ part 42

Romanian: I just can’t understand why you would want to live here! Explain it to me once again.

Me: I came here to start a company and employ many Romanians for extremely low salaries so that I can prosper and grow very rich. I then hire other Romanians (again for very little money) to help me with the paperwork, accounting and taxes so that I can manage to extract the maximum possible amount of money from this country. In fact, I make more money in a day than you do in a month and I spend it almost entirely on myself. I use my money to indulge myself and maintain my lavish lifestyle, which includes a lot of traveling in Europe and America, something I can do because of my passport, which gives me more freedoms in your country than yours does in mine. And the best part is I never have to learn your language since everyone speaks mine.

Romanian: Ah, excellent. This is a sensible and honorable reason and I heartily endorse your endeavors here in my country. May I have the privilege of receiving your business card?

Me: Actually I just told you a lie. I live in Romania because I like it. I like the food, I like the music and I like the language. It’s not a perfect country but it’s quite nice and all the time I’m working on making it even better.

Romanian: Gah! I heard the rumors that you were crazy and now I see it’s true.

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