Word of the Day: Trudă

Last night I was at a gathering of people, talking, chatting, selling books, networking and doing my “usual” thing, which is being busy as heck and not getting enough sleep. I got to talking to a very nice Romanian guy that I know here and we got on the subject of interesting and (somewhat) obscure or unusual words in the Romanian language.

He taught me a new word, which I will now share with you, which is trudă (true-duh), from a very archaic Slavic root. It means exhausting or extremely demanding work. Sometimes it just means exhaustion unto itself or refers to something that’s very demanding, fatiguing or wearisome.

If you do something cu trudă, or “with trudă”, it means that it’s very difficult, painful, requires a lot of effort or is just plain old tiring. Therefore that 250 page dissertation you wrote for your PhD or the 80 hours you put in at the office last week were all done cu trudă.

There is also a related verb (meaning the same thing), a trudi.

Frankly, I’ve been having a little too much trudă in my life lately and am badly in need of some rest and relaxation!