Word of the Day: Prins

I can’t speak for the rest of Romania but lately here in the unicorn-infused metropolis of Cluj-Napoca I’ve been hearing the word prins used a lot in a kind of slang sense.

Ordinarily this word is an adjective, coming from the past participle of the verb prinde, which means to “capture” someone, or to “seize” them, or to “arrest” them, or perhaps even to “grab” them.

The slang form of the adjective (which must be modified according to number/gender) that I’ve been hearing lately means that you’ve been tied up with business, or super busy, or haven’t had much free time of late.

Therefore if you say “eu sunt prins(a)“, literally it means “I’m caught/arrested” but in the slang sense it means “I’m tied up with work” or “I haven’t got a moment free” or “lately I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest” or something along those lines :P