Word of the Day: Teafăr

Many, many years ago, I was in Bucharest and I was out in town with a woman on a date. We were climbing some stairs when she slipped and banged her knee into the side of the guardrail. I immediately asked if she was okay (she was) and then she taught me how to say this in Romanian.

The adjective to use in this situation is teafăr (tea-ah-far), which must be modified according to number and gender (click on the link for the declinations), so in her case it would’ve been teafăra. So the appropriate question at that moment would’ve been ești teafăra?

DEX doesn’t seem to know the origin of this word but it means “healthy” or “of firm body and mind” or “whole” or “unhurt/uninjured” any other state of general well-being. While there is no exact English equivalent, it’s a darn useful word to know.

The most common use of this word is exactly like the anecdote – when someone potentially has hurt or injured themselves, you ask them ești teafăr(a)? and it is exactly equivalent to the English expression “are you okay? or “are you all right?”