Word of the Day: Fleac

A word you will often hear in Romanian is fleac (flay-ock) but what does it mean?

Probably the most accurate English translation would be the word bagatelle, which today sounds fairly archaic and the only place I ever “heard” it regularly was in a Norwegian book.

A more modern translation would be “a trifle” or perhaps the word “nothing”, as in the following exchange:

Lady: Thanks for all your help!
Man: Aww, shucks ma’am. ‘Tweren’t nothing.

A fleac is simply anything of no consequence, usually used to downplay the importance of something, especially something one has done.

For extra fun, using Romania’s Slavic (yep, Slavic) method of constructing diminutives, there are other forms of this word, my favorite being flecușteț, meaning “a little fleac” or an even smaller “nothing” than the original form of the word. There is just no way to properly translate how cute this word is :)