Word of the Day: Cârcotaș

In my last article, I translated the word cârcotaș as “gossip”, which isn’t quite right.

From DEX:

(Om) care caută mereu ceartă, care e veșnic nemulțumit.

Or in English (my translation):

A person who is always starting an argument, who is eternally displeased

In other words, a quarrelsome, bitterly negative person who is always ready to start an argument or get into a dispute about something. Is there such a word in English? Probably fussbudget comes the closest, although it isn’t exact.

If you’re ever forced to watch Romanian TV, sooner or later you’ll see a program which I loathe and hate called Cronica Cârcotașilor or “Chronicles of the Fussbudgets” in literal English. It follows the “standard” style of Romanian humor, in which the entire show is playing clips of people speaking on television and mocking them for grammar mistakes, pronunciation or something else. Then each segment is bracketed by two young women (referred to only as “The Babes”) who dance about in sexy clothes.

Sometimes you get a musical interlude when a band plays or they run a “Saturday Night Live” skit mocking celebrities or politicians but mostly it’s just playing videoclips of Romanians and laughing at their mistakes or for being different. Romanians consider this show to be the height of comedy and it’s one of the most popular domestic shows on television.