Christmas Stocking

Well folks, I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you’ve bought the book, recommended it to your friends and/or left nice comments on the various websites. You’re truly spreading the word and every sale counts in terms of getting the book noticed.

You’ve read my article(s) here and on the Romania Libera website so you know exactly why I wrote this book and why I believe so much in this whole thing – it just feels like a really good thing for this country and I’m extremely proud to be involved.

That being said, the cold, hard reality is I’ve received about 5 total dollars profit so far in my actual pocket (from selling a few copies in person here in Romania). Amazon and the rest are going to pay me but that’s another 30-60 days away. I know everything is going to be fine but it’s just going to take some time.

But bills need paying and Christmas presents bought and book copies ordered and all the rest, so if you’d like to donate to my “Christmas stocking” click on the image (of the stocking) in the sidebar and you’ll be taken to a Paypal page.

Thanks once again to all of you and Happy Holidays! :D

UPDATE: I’ve been getting some nasty comments from a few people so I thought I’d (re)-explain a few things because quite frankly I’m just about fed up with some of these attitudes.

  1. Yes I am going on vacation in Spain starting December 27. I paid for this vacation back in September precisely because it is 100 times cheaper that way. I have not set foot outside of Romania in four years so quite frankly, I need a brief change of scenery not to mention some warmer temperatures and some sun on my pasty white skin.
  2. While all of you were (hopefully) enjoying a lazy and relaxing summer, I was sitting in my sweatbox apartment writing the book. Of course that was my choice to do but it is what it is.
  3. I don’t “hate” Timisoara. It’s a gorgeous and beautiful city and is highly recommended in my book. I lived there 5 years ago and it was a rough experience for me on a lot of levels, not necessarily because it was Timisoara. I still go to this town at least once a year and have some very good friends there. That being said, yes I prefer Cluj. I live here, duh.
  4. This entire website is free to read and I made it that way on purpose. If you want to thank me by donating a couple bucks, that’s awesome. If not, that’s fine too. Nobody is putting a damn gun to your head.
  5. Maybe one day I’ll be living well purely on the book and related stuff but that day isn’t here yet. Again, my choice to dedicate myself to this project but it never was (and never will be) about lining my pockets. I can think of about 100 ways to be purely mercenary and profit off this country. I could join the “Woe is Romania” club and write sad stories about gypsies and give speeches all over Europe and write articles in the Guardian and Time magazine and the like. I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THIS FOR MONEY.
  6. Yes I listen to manele on occasion. No I do not listen to it 24 hours a day. It is what it is so get over it. I’m currently getting attacked over in the comment section on Romania Libera precisely because of this. A guy who has written very nice things about Romania (Filius Lunae, on the sidebar) learned Romanian by listening to manele as well. What do you want me to do? To lie? Other than the fact that I haven’t eaten a hamburger in probably 10 years, the RL interview was the 100% truth.
  7. Yes I’m American and yes I worked my f*cking ass off to write this book and travel to Bucharest and promote this country in 500 ways every day because this is my passion and I believe in it. Yes it is true I saved my money to make this happen and I did it via an American salary. Every third Romanian I know has gone somewhere abroad to work and save money. Where is the crime in this??? I wouldn’t even have set foot in this country if it weren’t for some Romanians I met in America, working and saving money.
  8. To all the people who say to me “Well these are nice ideas but it’ll never work” well honestly, go to hell. Show me what you are doing and then we can talk. Numai fapte conteaza and I’m out there every day doing my part. You can do your part too or you can sit at home and judge people you never met in your life and be miserable. That’s your choice. O ROMANIE FRUMOASA E SARCINA TUTOROR not just me so put up or shut up. But if I had a dollar for every time someone told me “nu se poate” (it can’t be done) and then I went ahead and did it then I’d be quite rich indeed ;)
  9. I have received literally thousands of comments, tweets, Facebook messages, emails and face to face conversations with people concerning this book (and website, etc) and everyone is quite excited precisely because it is something good for this country. I have received unbelievable generosity and kindness from Romanians since day 1 in this country and my book (and this site) is my way of saying thank you. If you can’t understand that I’m sorry but chiar nu intelegi engleza deloc, you need to learn some more English because I can’t write it any simpler.
  10. The only comments I censor on here are either spam advertising ones or else ones with violent or abusive language. I think I’ve deleted one comment total that was like that. You’re free to disagree with me and say your mind here so please keep that in mind when you’re sitting there judging me so harshly. You see my face and my public appearances are listed on this blog. You want to talk more sh*t to me you come down and say it to my face, you f*cking cowards. I’ve been stabbed and shot (at) before and tangled with guys exactly like this (actually the cousin of one of the guys in the car) so you don’t intimidate me, you miserable punks.

To all of you who have been supportive, I thank you. I apologize for the above but I just couldn’t take it anymore. My (American) bank froze my account this morning because apparently it’s “suspicious” to use my debit card here in Romania even though I’ve been doing it for years. Whatever. I called them and it’s being worked out but it’s just been one frustrating day, especially when I have to go down to the bloc office with hat in hand saying I can’t pay the intretinere. Ooof.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking

  1. The HO data also includes some 1440 Romanians and 1060 Bulgarians exmept from worker restrictions – i.e. people settled in the UK prior to 1 January, so the actual number of new entrants is significantly lower than the headline figure might suggest


  2. It was all cleverly pltetod while out and about drinking beer, zoso was first to start it off by saying it had been sold for 150k, dragos novac made it 200k and the total amount of shares bought by people (Florin Grozea, Dragos Novac etc.) was about 300% …that and French investors Marie Curie and Blaise Pascal had also bought some! No one seemed to notice or care :DI thought it was pretty good before Bobby let me know some people got angry :)


  3. I just read this, and saw the mention to manele (and myself).

    Yes, I do love manele! Sadly, I get the same reaction from many Romanians as you do concerning those (as you’ve probably read on my own blog, anyway).

    <3 manelele either way.


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