Yay! Finally got a project done I’ve been wanting to do for a while – make some T-shirts!


click to see larger!

For (USA/CANADA) click here.

For (UK/EUROPE) click here.

For Holland klikken here.

Of course, many, many more designs to come, including “I Survived CFR” ;)

UPDATE: I now have some “I VARZA” shirts that got delivered today, which I will be giving away at each of my public events here in Romania.   Free shirt, y’all!

5 thoughts on “T-Shirts!

  1. oh sweet! i want the cfr one and the varza one!
    and i would like to see some more…like…
    – i liked ur farty beaner video..maybe u can make a t-shirt with this idea :P ?
    – “bucharest is not budapest” …so many foreigners make this confusion
    – “bucharest is not the place to bookarest” with the image of a pack of howling street dogs in the background
    brainstorming here big time… :P


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