Welcome New Visitors

Not sure quite what happened here yesterday but somehow traffic to this blog EXPLODED, literally over 10 times as many visitors as usual and that seems to be continuing into today.

I suppose I should be more “savvy” about these kinds of things as clearly somewhere, someone put up a link (or many) that suddenly brought this little blog to the attention of a lot of people.

Whoever you are, thanks for the kindness. I’m guessing it has to do with a link to “How I Learned Romanian in 37 Easy Steps” since that’s where all the comments are going to but I don’t know enough to know more than that.

For those of you who are Romanians and have left such kind comments, thank you. It means quite a lot to me to know that a lot of what I write about “resonates” with you.

A few days ago, a fan of this blog asked me how I ended up living in Romania. Well the answer is rather simple – first you move to Romania and you go to bed here and when you wake up it’s one more day in Romania. Keep doing that for years and it seems like it’s an accomplishment!

Same thing with Romanian language and culture – just live here long enough and even a guy with a slow uptake will eventually start to figure SOME of it out, no?

And that’s really all this is. I’m a rather simple fellow who, totally unplanned, ended up living in this country a relatively long time and traveled all around from one side to the other. Along the way I had many fine adventures and met many interesting and colorful people.

The only thing that makes me unusual is I guess so few other people have done it here – in Romania. If I were speaking and writing of Italy or Spain or even India or Nepal there’d be thousands and thousands of other foreigners, knowing more, traveling more and probably understanding far more than I do about the local culture, language, foods, customs and mentality.

Honestly, most days I’m busy with work or domestic chores or the finer points of a social life and the only thing “Romanian” I do might be go down to listen to the barfa at the corner store and interject how it’s “getting mighty cold these days” or something like that. It’s only the fact that for me this is all still relatively new that sets me apart from my neighbors, to whom this entire reality in Romania is the ONLY reality.

Anyway, thank you to whomever has been linking this site and a big welcome to all of you who are relatively new here. Feel free to poke around and make yourself comfortable!

12 thoughts on “Welcome New Visitors

  1. Salut Sam,
    Am inceput sa-ti citesc blogul pornind de la linkul pentru 37 Easy steps primit pe FB… Mai am cateva posturi si pot sa spun ca ti-am citit blogul cap-coada.
    Trebuie sa recunosc ca esti mai roman decat mine (iar eu am strabunicii romani si probabil si cei dinaintea lor au fost tot romani). Sper ca intr-o zi cineva sa-ti dea o caruta de bani pentru a scrie un “travel guide” despre Romania :D.
    As vrea sa-ti cunosc opinia legat de injuraturile specific romanesti si felul in care-ti suna tie, eventual o comparatie sau o identificare cu cele americane.
    Multumesc pentru momentele cand am ras cu gura pana la urechi citind post-urile tale.
    Bye and keep up the good work.

    I start thinking seriously to go to Sighisoara and rip out the Coca Cola’s banner from Vlad Tepes childhood home.


  2. Yep, Facebook links did it for me too, and some others i know. Congratulations for your success, you nailed it down “fast” :P It is indeed a hassle to learn romanian. I’m outside of Romania, nowadays meeting ppl from more than 20 countries. Still gotta give credit to romanian language for being one of the hardest ones to learn (except anything Asian).

    Slightly off-topic:
    Congratz for the blog, i find it really interesting. A fresh view of Romania, the adventures of someone who’s trying to understand a whole different culture.

    Bafta omule, si la mai mare :)


  3. First of all you should check your traffic monitoring service for referrers, domain referrers or even a “recent came from” section. I recommend you install statcounter.com’s traffic monitor because it’s light, fast, accurate, has a lot of options and it’s free.
    Another way to see where people are coming is by checking which site is linking to you (check your backlinks). You can try entering it in http://www.backlinkwatch.com and see.
    Hope it helps


  4. Facebook indeed. The link to your 37 steps guide to learning Romanian is being shared by Romanians all over. Nice one!


    1. yup, it’s the 37 steps link that keeps being passed around (I got it 2 times today). Read a few more posts, quite funny


  5. ha, for me, it was a link sent in YM by my boyfriend, of course to that article, and I had to contain myself from laughing out loud in the office. And then I passed the link in the same fashion and there you go: ad-hoc word of mouth campaign without even knowing :P


  6. Salut, omule.
    Eu am găsit pagina ta pentru că cautam ceva despre expresia asta românească „săru’mâna„, și am citit articolul tău. Și eu sunt un străin caruia îi place limba română, și mă identific adesea cu cuvintele tale.


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