Early Christmas, Caves, Timisoara, Hungry, Homesick and a Peck of Missionaries

Let’s dip our toes in the pool and see what we come up with, eh? :D

First off, turns out if you’re interesting in caves, caving and cave exploration, this is your guy. With Romania being such a mountainous and hilly country, there are caves all OVER the place, some of them quite amazing.

Yet another missionary has crossed over the border, this one going to Giurgiu.

Meanwhile a missionary in Portugal meets a Romanian who comes over to give the kids a nice haircut.

Then I found this Do Gooder who is mostly in Serbia but took a trip to Timisoara. Wow what lovely photographs!

Sadly it looks like Stephanie is having a rough time:

I miss walking down the street without getting stares from people, and I miss hearing English.

However, more than any one thing right now, I miss food.

Apparently the poor girl doesn’t know how to cook and doesn’t have any neighbors to help. Someone please feed her!

See? In Book-a-rest you can speak “English” :D

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, this Peace Corps Volunteer gives thanks to a long line of things, including the “hat water”. Sorry, just such a cute typo I couldn’t resist ;)

And last we have yet another missionary blog, this one about celebrating Christmas nice and early:

Tonight the tree is being decorated and the Christmas music is playing.

One thought on “Early Christmas, Caves, Timisoara, Hungry, Homesick and a Peck of Missionaries

  1. Hey, didja hear that? Learning Romanian is easy. They’ll get you going really fast. Too bad Captain Jean-Luc Picard was off-duty when they shot the clip, there must be some sort of shiny devices involved.

    And about the lady, it is kind of hard (before reaching a certain level) to think in English, in order to obtain the speed to construct phrases. And it sounds to me the lady was under the stress of “speed”, more than anything, so that mishmash of half-baked ideas (with desperate measures of getting out of them) is the sign of an almost derailed high-speed train of thoughts that needs badly some stations along the way. Unfortunately, this applies to me as well, slowing down a bit in all that excitement…


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