A Trip to Sibiu, Confusion, Baby-Biting Gypsies and Cluj Gets Some Visitors

Folks, I have to admit I first started keeping an eye on online commentary (mostly blogs and twitter) just out of curiosity. Then on days when I am busy, it’s a rather “quick” way to scare up a new blog post.

Sometimes it leads you down some strange paths, that’s for sure. Luckily, today’s mix is a thankfully a little bit more on the gentler side.

Found this superb blog post by an American Do Gooder who made a trip to Sibiu, including fabulous photographs. Don’t miss the “Halewood” sign!

Then I found this very long and somewhat creepy strategic analysis both militarily and economically of Romania. The guy seems to have a fetish with fascism, dictatorship and Communism but I leave the last paragraph below for your consideration:

I leave Romania confused. The Romanians hear things that I am deaf to.

Switching gears, we have this telling of an anecdote of an American’s visit to Romania, including meeting a gypsy who bit her own baby.

She watched us packing our things preparing to leave, still pointing to the sleeping naked baby and trying to convince us he was sick. With a sidelong glance, she subtly lowered her mouth as if to kiss the sick little thing and promptly sank her teeth into his arm.

The baby woke with a scream, tears flooding his bright green little eyes.

“No!” We said sternly, “Bad! Bad!”

Priceless! By the way, notice how they continually give money, drinks and food to these gypsies and then wonder why they’re so tenacious and stick around. And even after the mother bites her own baby they still give her a Coca-Cola.

Oh goodness!

But the best line is the last, wherein she reflects on the baby-biting mother, which explains exactly why I like gypsies:

Her spirit was not crushed. In that brief moment, she demonstrated something powerful to me, the power of tenacity, of not being crushed by failure. Nothing would stop her from her goal, when she met obstacles, she merely tried another way. I cannot help but wonder, if we shared but a tiny fraction of her determination, what might we accomplish?

Switching gears completely, if you like “romance” fiction, I found this multipart series called “A Bus Ride to Bucharest“. Doesn’t sound too erotic does it? Well give it a try!

Then, via Twitter, I found this guy who just moved to my kingdom here in Cluj from Israel. Lots and lots of lovely pictures of my city at the link as well as that “beginner’s mind” fresh perspective.

It’s awesome to see all the good things he has noticed here in just a few days, as I heartily concur with all of them. Unlike 99% of my neighbors however, I actively appreciate these things. Plus the photos are simply gorgeous – this guy has a really keen eye.

Speaking of Do Gooders, I found out these ones just arrived in Cluj as well, although no photos at this link. They’re here to help young, unwed mothers.

Back in the United States, this missionary gave a talk to his church about Romania. See? They’re talking about you!

Oh my goodness, this Romanian-American girl is getting married and so she decided to blog about it, complete with lots and lots of photos. Kind of interesting to see Romanians turning into rich Americans :D

And last but not least, found this fabulous blog by a Flemish girl who writes in English. So interesting to me how (continental) European visitors here always nail Romania’s cultural characteristics so accurately:

Young women are very fashionable. They are all very skinny and are dressed elegantly. When you look outside you often see a young women dressed like she is going to a very chique event, walking next to a man who looks like he just got out of the gym, still wearing his jogging.


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