Souveneir Recommendations, Celebrities and Thoughts on Romanisa

Totally unrelated but for some reason this morning I was googling “I’m more American than you” with some particularly hilarious results :P

Back to Romania, I found this lovely entry written in English by a French visitor. She’s not a native speaker but she did have some interesting observations:

When you ask someone “What kind of ideas/things should be brought back from Romania to France..?” The most common answer is “nothing, except for a Romanian girl”.

Hmm….. no comment *doopdedoop*

Some traffics lights have timers that accompany the signal, like in Japan. It’s very useful when you are the first driver in the queue and you have to start very quickly. It’s possible to implement this process in France too.

See? This is why Romanians are so retarded. I’ve seen these traffic lights with a little “countdown timer” and guess what? It is incredibly advanced technology that makes traffic flow much smoother and quicker. And they don’t even have it in France!

Moreover, most of the believers make the sign of cross each time they pass in front of a cemetery, church, cross, … (I was a little scary when the taxi driver made the sign with the phone in the other hand).

Oh mercy! :P I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I always have to suppress a mighty big grin when I’m on a bus crammed full of people and then all of a sudden in almost perfect unison they do the cross sign thing. It’s a little freaky too, you know? Especially if you’re not doing it.

Manual works: When you visit the country, you can find many farmers who scythe their fields. There are lots of Haystacks in the countryside giving the place a fairy tale falling. I hope the small farmers will survive the mass production revolution.


Look riche: In Romania, it is very important to look rich. Many credit companies advertise on the TV and people use it. They buy a big cars, branded clothing… but they don’t have the money… they live in a bad flat and don’t eat a lot. Moreover there are pretentious bars, where Romanians come. Its places where well connected Romanians go to see and be seen.

Busted! Oh mercy, she nailed that one right on the head.

But by far the best observation she had was this one:

Security guards: In malls, banks, subway, streets, in front of a building … it’s common to find a security guard. It’s a really reassuring thing even if the security guard seems not a really strong. That could be an interesting main line of work to resolve some insecurity issues in France.

Folks, I can tell you the exact moment I knew living in Romania was the right decision. It was one hot August day when I took a little walk and saw a policeman sleeping at his “post” at the entrance of a particular substation near my bloc.

I want to live in a country with sleeping police officers and weak, retired old guys earning a little money but not being “really strong”. Yes!

Definitely read the rest of her interesting post.

Then I found this bizarre blog post which seems to be a story containing every single famous western celebrity or movie star that has ever come to Romania, where they went and what they did.

The country of Romania remains the well-kept secret of the rich and famous. The secret is not just in the inexpensive filming costs, which are increasingly drawing movies and the celebrities that go with them; it is also in the luxuriously metropolitan amenities that live side-by-side with pristine virginity.

If celebrity gossip is your cup of tea, read the rest at the link, including the “Secret of the Stars” anti-aging treatment that comes from Romania.

Sadly, from there we go downhill. From a missionary who just arrived in Timisoara:

It’s impossible to escape the gritty smells of the city (and I assume any city in the former Soviet East)…diesel, alcohol, waste and humanity are exhaled from ever pore of this place.

Even one local woman’s attempt at escape via strong perfume wasn’t much of a reprieve. As I lay here thinking, a potpourri of motor oil, my room’s “air-freshener” and the inescapable diesel fuel wafts about in the frigid air.

Woah… well I guess people in Timisoara didn’t realize they were formerly in the “Soviet East” but there you go, I guess you were! :P

I seriously wonder where these people are finding lodging in Timisoara. If this guy is staying in that horrific place across from the train station, this might explain it.

And saving the worst for last, we’ve got this clueless American so-called “businessman” who clearly writes in a very ahem, inconsistent way.

My lasting impression of my time in Romanisa will be how good we have it in the United States.

I spent time with our developement team. Most of them are in their early to mid twenties, some in their early thirties. All of them remember being under Russian rule and all of them remember the revolution in 1989.

What…the… seriously. The revolution essentially happened 21 years ago. Therefore if you’re in your “mid 20s” you ain’t going to remember nothing but “ga-ga me want to play”. And even if you’re in your 30’s and you do remember the 1980’s, it wasn’t under Russian rule. I mean seriously that is mind-boggling.

Russian rule? :P

Oh mercy!

They spoke a lot of Queues (lines to wait for bread, food, basic necessities, etc). They spoke of waiting for over a year to get a TV, a car, etc. They spoke of their family having $5000 that years later could not buy a loaf of bread. Most cannot afford a basic National car even today.

You know what? I think this guy read a book about Soviet Russia on the plane flight over here and just flipping forgot he was actually in 2010 Romania, not 1982 Moscow. Sheesh!

Romanians reading this, please raise your hand if you own a “basic National car”. What? No one? :P Anyway, click on the link to read this insanity in its entirety.

Folks in Romanisa, just remember how good you DON’T have it! :P

3 thoughts on “Souveneir Recommendations, Celebrities and Thoughts on Romanisa

  1. I was 6 when the Revolution happened and I don’t remember it even though we watched it on tv, but not because of “ga-ga me want to play”. (Heck, I remember being almost 3 and escaping my crib; I remember being in pre-school/kindergarten and learning from another kid how to thread a safety pin through the very top skin layer of my thumb and watching all the kids eating the sweet flowers that grew on the tall school fence; I remember being 4 and getting hit hard on the head with those horrid wood-and-metal playground swings.) I do have one “memory” that may or may not be real, that consists of us taking cover from sniper fire while in my step-grandma’s apartment right across the street from the rooftop of the former palace in Revolution Square.

    All that ruckus and no memories, what a shame.


  2. Since you are a Romanian “get-beget” by now I have no doubt you will not get offended by my question;Even I know it hurts ,would you be kind and try to recall your” nightmarish” life back in the USA in order to help us understand why do Americans (on average) take pride in exposing their ignorance?(You are the exception that validates the rule).Is it some cultural characteristic?You might be aware of our saying “Daca taceai filosof ramaneai”which helps those less educated or simply ignorant people to pass by without making fools of themselves.I mean,is it that hard to simply acknowledge that just being born in the USA is not enough to make you smarter ?As far as I know it takes real education to be smart not some fancy printed master”s degree that says you are an expert in the social behavior of pets during winter.I guess,after all Bill Maher is right to mock Americans for showing the “we are NR.1 finger” all the time when it is damn clear it wasn”t the case anymore for a pretty long time!Best of luck Sam!


    1. Don’t worry, I’m not offended :D It’s almost impossible to offend me.

      As for the answer to your question, if you really want to know, look up the term “American Exceptionalism”. Every moment of the day, every single person in USA media is constantly telling you (the American living in USA) that USA is the best, the best, the best, the best… sooner or later you actually start to believe it :P


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