A Little Blog Bizness

I’m filing this under “blog business” to let you know that posting and updates on this website are going to be a little slow for the next week or two. I’m finishing up a project and it’s using up my already limited brain capacity :P

No, it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time and I will be more than excited to talk about it and share it with you when I’m done. Until then it’s going to have to remain under wraps!

Actually things have already been a little slow lately. But considering the speed at which I write (usually), maybe that’s a good thing? Perhaps so. But nothing will stop – just slow down.

It also means I’ve gotten behind a little on the comments and moderating things and fixing errors and doing all the thorough cross-linking that I’d like to do, so now you know why, even if you don’t know the details quite yet.

In unrelated news, this has been one of the most spectacular autumns I’ve ever seen in Romania. The temperatures have been crisp without being too cold and the “turning” of the leaves has simply been gorgeous.

A lot of the trees in Romania are of the fir/pine variety and therefore without “colored” leaves. But what I’ve seen over the past month with all the deciduous trees has been at “worth a trip just to see it” levels, a kind of tourism I know is popular in New England.

Also related to blog bidness is truly I need to get more photos in here. I took a nice little walk here yesterday (enjoying the leaves) and realized I see things every day that are amazing and not everyone gets this opportunity so I really should share it more.

Which reminds me, I’ve always thought a “coffee table” book of photos of Romania would simply be breath-takingly gorgeous. If I ever get around to getting/taking some high-quality photos of this country, that’s exactly what I’d do.

Well… that’s for a future project. Below is a crowd shot The Woman took of some volunteers gathered at the (Iulius) mall here in Cluj on the morning of Let’s Do It Romania.

Let's clean up this country!

I don’t know anyone in this photo and there isn’t anything “special” about it. It is just a “slice of real life” kind of deal which I thought you might enjoy. The long-haired guy’s shirt is kind of interesting too.


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