Blog Bidness

Just a little blog бизнес here. I’ve created a new Twitter account to separate my “personal” stuff from the “let’s promote Romania in general” stuff.

The new account can be found here and is open to one and all. The old account exists of course and, for those of you who are fans, will remain more or less unchanged :P

All of this information (and the links) can be found by clicking on “Contact Information” at the top right-hand menu on the page.

I’m sure I’ll be fiddling and diddling with the new account, adjusting it and tweaking it until I get it where I want it. Essentially the “timeline” (for those of you who use Twitter) is going to be a mix of current events, both “regular” news as well as “regular” people’s experiences.

The sidebar re-print will be just whatever I see that catches my eye that looks worth reading (or linking to). As they say in English, (my) mileage may vary, so we’ll see how it goes.

The long term goal is basically to give you two options to “get the pulse” of what’s going on in Romania at any given time. It’s about the next best thing to installing a webcam on my bloc :P

For those of you who hate Twitter, or look down on it, or are afraid of it or who simply haven’t given it a try, that’s fine too :D

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