Short But Sweet

Picked up off from the feed from here:

A sixth man stood over a smoking fire, grilling lunch. When it was ready we sat down and learned how delicious a barbecue could be. We had mititei, or grilled mincemeat patties, along with iahnie, a dish of cooked, sticky beans, some rice and a tremendously harsh, warming red wine.

As we ate and laughed, I realized that perhaps I had found an answer to the question I had while in Bucharest the day before. What was of value to the people in Romania was not the Palatul Parlamentului with its vast, empty halls of power. Instead, horse carts and warm food were of value, because they created the conditions for laughter, conversation, kindness and friendship.

I chuckled to myself, for I discovered something I didn’t expect. My mind had managed to find a question about Romania, but my stomach and heart found the answer while eating with strangers next to a country road.

Plus a couple of nice photos! :D

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