You’re More American Than Me!

Yes, it’s true. All of you are more American than I am. I might carry a blue passport, know all the words to the Star Spangled Banner but alas, when it comes to who is truly more American, you are clearly the winner.

Just about every day of my life I meet people who know more brands, are more conversant in what shows on television are popular, know who more actors are, who can quote scenes of dialog from famous films and have played far more video games than I ever have.

Your clothes are cooler and of better brands, you eat more hamburgers than I do and you know far more slang in English than I do, particularly when it comes to emoticons and online speech. You are vastly more competent with computers than I am and can do things with them I’ve only vaguely heard of.

I must admit under full disclosure that I am neither a member of the government nor any kind of diplomatic mission, nor am I in any way here to represent, promote or in any way represent American culture, customs or traditions.

Therefore it is with a great sigh of relief that I announce to each and every one of you, including future people I will meet in my daily life here in Romania, that yes, you are right, you are far more American than I am. I give up and you win.

I am however far more Romanian than you! :P

4 thoughts on “You’re More American Than Me!

  1. I want to go to Romania.

    Even if it’s not a perfect place, at least (upon reading your blog almost religiously and coming to the conclusion that…) nobody goes around pretending like it is… unlike here where it’s in-your-face “we are so perfect!” all the time. New Zealand, I am referring to. They act like it’s perfect paradise, people believe they are the most perfect of anyone else, and ‘tall poppy syndrome’ is an epidemic.

    If I hear one more time “but why would you want to move away from New Zealand? Everyone wants to come TO New Zealand! It’s so safe! It’s so beautiful! It’s the best country in the world!”

    I can quite honestly say that it is none of those things. It’s beautiful in some places, yes. But I guarantee you there are equally as many beautiful places in 90% of the world. The marketing photos of seascapes etc pick the best parts, forgetting about the real cities where people actually live. So. Over. It.

    *two more years… two more years…*


    1. Worry not! I, too, live in the colonies (Canada) and have lived here for 7 years and I’ve encountered the exact same response. My Romanian friends think I’m nuts for wanting to eventually move back since “everyone is leaving TO Canada”. Eventually you’ll just learn to ignore the noise and tell your loved ones to piss right off and move wherever you’ll see fit.

      Enjoy :)


  2. Sorry mate but I’m yet to eat any round piece of beef patty in Romania that could qualify to earn and deserve the name of “hamburger”. There are no hamburgers in Romania and that is excruciatingly sad as every time I find myself there my heart aches for a one-inch thick Angus. And it’s one of the biggest drawback of living in Romania unfortunately :(


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