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Oh mercy, this just made me laugh (bold portions are my edit):

What did I think of Romania?


Hardly any English spoken at all, the people were quite rude, a lot of the people we tried to stop in the streets to ask questions to either ignored us [LOL! my favorite part], or got angry with us, or didn’t understand us so hence got angry with us, the hostel people were always “no wait” or “come back later” when we wanted a drink or something and always swearing, or I finish in 10 minutes come back after that.

Or on the bus, Tim went to sit in the spare seat and the boy in the next seat pushed him and said No.

Lots of homeless people asking for money and kids asking for money which made the bus stations/ train stations quite scary for us especially when we had to get off and wait a few hours for our connecting train.

I would say 80 – 90% of people live below the poverty line.

People were continually cutting into line in front of us and being served first, or they would stand so close behind you there were leaning on you, and would still continue to try and get closer making us feel quite uncomfortable.

Sometimes we would be second in line and people would skip the whole line and be served.
I had problems in McDonalds asking for a coke, even though it was a young guy I was being served by and then 4 other people that he was running around getting to help before someone understood!

Still very interesting all up :-)

From here, a personal blog found on a major travel site. I believe it’s from 2007.


4 thoughts on “Personal Blog Entry Found Online

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