Folk Wisdom: Staying Healthy

As you know from my earlier post on trains, Romanians are deadly afraid of drafts aka moving air.

Thus, moving air (especially if it’s cold and/or wet) is the carrier for all known diseases. So how does one protect oneself and stay healthy?

By covering the neck and throat at ALL TIMES. The word gat in Romanian means both throat and neck and this is what must be covered.

For men: A turtleneck sweater should do you unless it’s bitterly cold outside and then a scarf is in order, preferably one featuring the colors and logos of your favorite soccer team.

For women: A thick winter’s scarf, a thinner “fashion” scarf, a semi-Arabic looking “kheffiya” or in a pinch, just any kind of warm clothes whatsoever, wound around the neck and throat as thickly as possible.

For children: Just go ahead and bundle the kid up from head to toe in swaddling clothes.

Remember, a thick layer of warmth around the neck a day keeps the doctor away!


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