The Iron Grip of Moldova

Whew, am I still alive? Apparently so :) Thank goodness! As you might have heard, I now have a job here in Moldova, and I’ve been having some real adventures. It is literally surreal to be back in an office environment after more than a decade of being a freelancer and working from home. I’m still super busy trying to balance my official job with … Continue reading The Iron Grip of Moldova

Writing Books to Get Out of Jail

After the issue garnered a ton of media attention around the world, the Romanian Justice Minister used her enhanced powers* to eliminate the “write a book, get out of jail more quickly” system: Romania says it is changing a law that allowed prisoners to reduce their sentences by writing books. Convicts could cut 30 days off their jail terms if they published a work of … Continue reading Writing Books to Get Out of Jail

Home Run Writing

As you know, ahead of my wedding, every debt must be erased. I originally wrote this thinking I could send it to Stephen King (the famous author) personally, or at least reach one of his representatives. I discovered that this isn’t possible, as he’s guarded by 100-foot high iron walls LOL but that’s okay. I realized it was something I needed to write for myself, … Continue reading Home Run Writing

The Cave With Bones

As you (probably) know, my wont is to watch other people’s documentaries in my spare time. Some of them are truly amazing, and that includes a BBC documentary called The Incredible Human Journey, a 5-part series that was shown in Britain in 2009. Regrettably, there’s no legal way to watch this show online if you live outside of Britain. The good news however is that, … Continue reading The Cave With Bones