World Bank Romanian Cities Report

I realize that there are few texts as boring to read as a white paper, but if you’re not afraid of charts and a mountain of statistics, you can read a very informative World Bank report on Romania in English here and in Romanian aici. Entitled “Magnetic Cities” in some versions (oops!), it is, nonetheless, quite a lot of data that backs up what I’ve … Continue reading World Bank Romanian Cities Report

4.4 Billion Dollars

Due to all of the protests against the PSD’s attempts to legalize corruption earlier this year, it escaped most people’s attention that Grindeanu’s Culture Ministry finally filed the paperwork to make Rosia Montana a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alas, it’ll take until July 2018 for it to be certified and approved by the United Nations, but it’s a good start. Unfortunately for the people of … Continue reading 4.4 Billion Dollars

Romania Offers Bribe to RM

You’ll have to have a subscription to the FT to read this story, but the opening sentence is a doozy: Pavel Filip, Moldova’s new prime minister, took office last week in a manner more befitting a dictator on his last legs than the leader of the EU’s one-time success story in Eastern Europe. Ouch! The story goes on to tell what you can read here … Continue reading Romania Offers Bribe to RM

Investigating the DNA, Part 2

Word Count: 3711 After wrapping up my initial article on the subject yesterday, I continued to do some research. I was curious whether or not there was another way to investigate the DNA’s activities using statistics in an effort to penetrate the extremely mysterious way in which they achieve so many convictions. I started digging some more and realized the situation is far worse than … Continue reading Investigating the DNA, Part 2

Klaus Gets his Orders from the World Bank

Big smiles all around at the World Bank after a successful meeting in Bucharest yesterday: The World Bank’s status as an important partner to Romania was reiterated during the meeting, as well as the fact that Romania represents one of the World Bank’s most important partners in the region. Essentially, Klaus promised to sell off more state-owned enterprises, long a goal of the IMF and … Continue reading Klaus Gets his Orders from the World Bank